Ways To Avoid Road Accidents On Highways of Indonesia

Ways To Avoid Road Accidents

Accident! The term creates a feeling of phobia among all of us especially if it is related to any automobile either of car or motorbike. But, for these severe accidents, various things strike in our mind. We always try to avoid any fatality but it happens. There are the number of reasons which can be the cause of accidents in cities of Indonesia but some important precautions will help us out to avoid these circumstances on road.

Now, we can avoid the severe accidental conditions just by keeping these points in our minds.

Use Your Indicators/Dippers

It has been seen that number of car buyers forgets to use the indicators while making the turns or overtaking the next vehicle. If you do not use your car indicators then it is difficult to know for other vehicles that what will your next turn? Do you want to go left or right or want to turn?

It is recommended to use the indicators when you want to turn as it helps to adjust the speed of the vehicle that is coming behind you. Keep proper timing to use your indicators so that the rear vehicle can coordinate with his speed as it has been seen that there are a number of people who switch on indicators and turn their vehicle immediately without any gap of time. It is a dangerous act as there are more chances of collision between the rear vehicles.

Just keep your car slow and switch on your indicator whichever side you want to turn and turn your car when you see a gap between your car and the rear vehicle.

Focus On The Road

Be focused while on the road as you do not know what will come in the way in the next couple of seconds. It may be possible that there may be a pothole or any rumble strip where you have to slow down your car speed. Remember not to talk with anybody inside your car while on the road. It is also important that nowadays the latest cars have lots of engine power and accelerate instantly so to keep them in control keep your eyes in front to maintain the stability of your car.

If you stuck in long highways traffic then avoid crossing your front vehicle as you will absolutely break the continuity of traffic if you do such acts. Secondly, avoid merging your vehicle between the other vehicles that are moving is a systematic way as it may create a chance of slow collision between your car and the other car and may damage your car exteriors.

As you know well that there are a number of aggressive drivers who may start a wrong conversation if your car collides with their car. So, keep your car in the lane and drive safely.

Follow The Speed Limits

Keep your car in control and follow the speed limit. It is the behaviors of most of the people when they see the blank road then they used to drive in a fast manner which sometimes results in severe collisions. In Jakarta, there are a number of highways where you may find a number of boards along the road where you have to keep your car under the speed limit. It is written for your safety so that you never lose control of your car.

Never Leave Your Steering

It has been seen that when your car comes instability mode on highways then you leave your steering wheel just for fun. But, you do not know about the road surface. It may be possible that there may be an invisible slope on the road where remains the chances that your car might lose control and if at that moment your are not holding your car steering then your car may go out of the way.

Keep Your Speakers Sound On Slow Mode

Slow down your speaker sound as it distracts you as well as others. Be a responsible car handler as it is your responsibility to maintain the driving rules and regulations to reach your destinations safely.

These small things will help you to avoid any fatality during your driving so do follow these tips and be safe. Never indulge yourself in any type of disturbing activity while you are going to drive. Avoid any botheration when going to drive your car as it lessens your ability to drive perfectly.

As the younger generation is taking more initiative to buy the latest cars in Indonesia and remain eager to know about the upcoming cars in Indonesia. They have their own driving behaviors which are their own trials in Jakarta. As a metro city of Indonesia, Jakarta has a number of young car buyers who remain to visit the car showrooms and joins the car expos which are organized in metro cities of Indonesia. So, a list of road precautions should be in their car to drive safely in Indonesia.

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