Top 5 SUV To Explore Indonesia

Do you know that if you explore any country like Indonesia then you require a powerful vehicle to cover all the hurdles during your exploration.? It may be possible that you met with the toughest roads of Indonesia to explore its flora and fauna.

explore Indonesia with your SUV- Autoini

In this situation, SUV may be the best option to cover your journey with convenience and comfort. SUV remains much safer due to its big size and greater stability in all types of weather conditions.

We are not saying that you do not prefer other regular cars but the important thing is that you are not aware of the ways that you have to cross and in which types of road conditions you have to drive to complete your trip in Indonesia? 

It may be possible you have to drive on high altitude which requires extra power to cross as you maybe with your family and heavy luggage. It will be an intelligent decision that you opt  SUV  to explore each and every corner of Indonesia. Let’s have a look

 KIA Seltos

 Equipped with DRL ( Day Time Running Lamps) and Crown Jewel LED. KIA Seltos is capable to bring your family to explore Indonesia. With ambient mood lighting and sunroof, it will absolutely suit your trip especially while you drive at night. Equipped with the UVO app it will ease your navigation and convenience during your journey.

KIA Seltos in Indonesia-Auoini

With a spacious boot space and other utility storages, KIA Seltos suits your journey. You can put all your luggage in a systematic way and start your drive in Indonesia.

If you are a speed lover then it goes up to 295 Km/hr having engine displacement of 5935 cc which helps to drive in any road conditions. If we talk about its interiors, it is equipped with a fully automatic air conditioner with a silver grab handle along with a smart air purifier.

For your infotainment is it equipped with eight speaker’s sound system with dynamic speed compensation so that you can enjoy the soothing sound during your trip in Indonesia.

For your safety during your trip, it is equipped with six airbags and all-wheel disk brakes along with tire pressure monitor. Made with high strength steel it provides an extra layer of safety for the passengers.

Peugeot 5008

 If you want to enjoy your trip with a luxury car, then Peugeot 5008 is best for you. With two-tone diamond-cut alloy wheels and sharp exterior design, it will suit your expectations. Its seven seating arrangement will be enough for your trip as it equipped with a compact multifunctional steering wheel. For your safety, it is equipped with a vehicle stability control system.

Peugeot 5008 in Indonesia-Autoini

For your convenience during the travel, Peugeot 5008 also fitted with 8” capacitive touch screen with multi-touch technology which eases your navigation.

Lexus LX

With a seating capacity of eight passengers and a curb weight of 2,722 Kg provides Lexus LX the proper stability in any type of road condition. If you own it then you may go anywhere in Indonesia either on rugged surfaces or on smooth surfaces. Its LED illumination will ignite your senses and you keep enjoying your trip at night also. It Crawl Control will help to cover your trip in types of unusual situation which you never thought. 

Lexus LX in Indonesia

For your entertainment, it is fitted with a rear-seat entertainment system and Lexus Enform infotainment system. Its leading-edge technology will guard you in any type of emergency as it is equipped with intelligent safety systems. With four-wheel drive technology, Lexus LX will never let you stop during your trip. It will a unforgettable moment of your trip with Lexus-LX in Indonesia.

Bentley Bentayga

 With an engine capacity of 5,099 CC, Bentley Bentayga will suit you when you are making a plan for hilly trips in Indonesia as it works with the coordination of direct-injection and port-injection technologies in a production engine which gives it a lot of thrusts to cross any type of hurdle on Indonesian Highways.

Bentley Bentayga in Indonesia-Autoini

You just have to drive only and leave all your worry on Bentley Bentayga as it is fitted with Air suspension with Continuous Damping Control. For your convenient drive in Indonesia, it is equipped with the Bentley Dynamic Ride system. It has the seating capacity of 5 passengers and 8-speed automatic transmission which eases your journey while in the city due to its automatic mechanism.

Its comfortable seat designs never feel you tired while on long trips in Indonesia. Its  8″ Touch-Screen Infotainment and voice control system will help you to refresh yourself while on Indonesian Highways.

Porsche Cayenne

 If you believe that you should drive with the superior car having impressive looks and performance. Then Porsche Cayenne is for you as it is designed by keeping in mind that you never feel tired after driving it for long hours.

Porsche Cayenne in Indonesia-Autoini

With a high degree of variability and selected designs, Porsche Cayenne has tremendous strength which leaves a performing impact on everyone in Indonesia.

With a multifunction sports steering wheel and high-resolution displays, it eases your navigation while driving on Indonesian Highways. Its touch-sensitive buttons are easy to handle and save your time

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