Are You Driving With Your Children?

drive your car with children

As parents, you have a number of responsibilities towards your children. Safe driving with your children is also your responsibility. If you own your car then you are adding one more responsibility which is related to the safety of your children while they are in your latest car that you newly bought. Most of the […]

Ways To Avoid Road Accidents On Highways of Indonesia

avoid car accidents in Indonesia

Accident! The term creates a feeling of phobia among all of us especially if it is related to any automobile either of car or motorbike. But, for these severe accidents, various things strike in our mind. We always try to avoid any fatality but it happens. There are the number of reasons which can be […]

How To Care Your Newly Hatchback?

how to care your new hatchback?

The hatchback has its own importance if we talk about family cars. Usually, if someone has six or seven members in his family then his first preference will be a Hatchback due to its seating capacity. If we talk about safety then it is safer than regular cars due to its long hood and added […]

Do You Know The Signs of Best Car?

Everyone wants that one’s car should be best from another car. In Jakarta, there are numbers of car buyers who used to look out the damages on a proper basis to keep their car performance up to date. It is known to be the best process as you remain familiar with any unusual changes and […]

How To Save Your Car From Deceptive Practices In Jakarta

Conscious car consumers always remain in a hurry to repair their cars. But, mechanics know that you simply need immediate service. As a result, they are doing deceptive practices and handover an extended detailed bill in your hand. The standard problem is that you simply don’t really know what has been repaired in your car? So, to avoid this you’ll initiate for following steps: Find The Trustworthy Car Service Center […]

Do You Know About The Technical Car Specifications?

technical specifications of car

If you need expertise in buying the best car for you then you should be aware of the technical car specifications. In Indonesia, there are numbers of latest car buyers and some wait for upcoming cars but they rarely know the technical car specifications. They just go through the exteriors and interiors of the car. […]

How To Know About The Latest Cars In Indonesia?

Latest Cars in Indonesia

For a car buyer of Indonesia, it is a good practice to keep oneself updated with respect to the latest launch in Indonesia. It helps you to initiate a new car buying. Secondly, you get familiar with the number of car variants and their technical terms that are used to elaborate the engine type and […]

Top 5 SUV To Explore Indonesia

explore Indonesia with your SUV

Do you know that if you explore any country like Indonesia then you require a powerful vehicle to cover all the hurdles during your exploration.? It may be possible that you met with the toughest roads of Indonesia to explore its flora and fauna. In this situation, SUV may be the best option to cover […]

Why You Own An SUV in Indonesia? Let’s Know About The Reasons

SUV in Indonesia-Autoini

If you are an SUV owner of Indonesia, then it is a matter of pride and royalty. As an SUV owner, it becomes a status symbol of selecting the SUV for your family in Indonesia. If by chance, you want to opt for the regular car collection then it will not be possible for you […]

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