How To Drive Safely While You Stuck In The Traffic?

Traffic and Traffic Rules In Indonesia

It is a daily routine of a car lover of Indonesia that he used to stuck in the heavy traffic of Indonesia and finds new ways to come out from this condition. But some important points will help you to regulate your senses while you stuck in heavy traffic. As a car enthusiast of Indonesia, it is necessary to know that how can you deal with heavy traffic while you drive your car?

Keep All Hindrance Away

In heavy traffic, you do not know who will merge one’s vehicle in front of your car. Sometimes some lose their patience and become aggressive for your little mistake. It will be better to avoid receiving the phone and keep your infotainment at the lower level. Also, alert your passengers that maintain the peace to avoid any distraction while moving in heavy traffic.

Choose A Right Time

To avoid rush hours you need to choose the time when there are chances of low traffic. It will cover your journey with convenience from traffic.

-Select a rush free time to go shopping in your car

-Leave your home with an estimation to avoid choked traffic.

– Use the apps that inform you about road traffic

Maintain Your Speed

When you stuck in the traffic than avoid using accelerator for a small gap. Keep a two-second distance between you and the next car ahead. A sudden acceleration may lead to damage to you and your next vehicle. Due to high engine displacement, your car speeds up to quickly which sometimes goes out of control.

Stay Focused

Getting stuck in traffic for a long time may spoil your patience. In this condition, you may take some wrong decisions which violate the traffic rules of Indonesia. It will be good for you to remain calm in this situation which will help you to stay focused.

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