Does Timely Service Of Your Car Really Save Your Money?

Indonesian Market is expanding in the field of automobile manufacturing which allows a number of car service centers in Indonesia to ease your car service.

As a car enthusiast of Indonesia, you love your car but what about the service of your dream car? Do you know that how important is your car service to maintain its performance for a long time?

Care your car in Indonesia - Autoini

It is your responsibility that you should service your car according to covered distance and the road conditions. Not to wait for 30,000 Km to service your car, just keep on going service center timely. It may be one in two months if you are driving your car inside the city. If you are going outside for distant places than you just have a round of small car service after returning from there.

Some car owners want to see their service light “on” then initiate for their car service. But, it is recommended that you have to opt timely service to save the severe damage in your car either in form of damaged tires or the pistons.

Why Timely Service?

When you buy a car in Indonesia then you bring your family to a long trip in your new car. Secondly, your moment in Indonesia tends to increase when you own your car. But, have you ever thought that what is damaging in my car during these trips and official meets in Indonesia?

As a new car buyer of Indonesia, you know very little about the engine mechanism.  It is important to know that when you face any problem while driving then you never catch the real problem in your car. Secondly, you do not know the functioning of your internal car parts.

To come out from these dilemma, bring your car to the service center, the mechanic listen your problem and thoroughly check your car. For your peace, he even drives your car to check out the problem. It helps him to diagnose the damage in your car and finds an accurate way to repair it.

You have been felt that when you drive your car for long distances in different road conditions then your car comes under testing zones of stability. But sometimes, small damages can be occurred in wheel alignment and suspension which on passing time may cause severe damage to your car stability. It will be good if you go for a short service after your long journey. It can save money in the future.

If you go to the service center in Indonesia for timely service then your mechanic goes through the following things:

Tyre Pressure and Tread

He will check the tire pressure in all the tires for better stability which save you from fatal accidents. He also checks your tire tread by using a coin to see its depth. He calculates the estimated time in which your car need the new tires by checking the tire tread.

Multipoint Inspection

He checks out the parts that will be required incoming services. It helps you to calculate your upcoming expenditure in your car.

Check Out Your Fluids

They check out the coolant level along with transmission fluid by looking at the dipsticks so that your car never heat up and proper lubrication will be there.

Monitor Your Brakes

He thoroughly checks out your rear and front brakes along with the handbrakes. If needed, he can change the brake pads for your safety.

Why Timely Service Is Important?

It saves your money in the future as you keep on changing the damaged parts of your car when needed. It will decrease your worry about the upcoming service.  It also makes a journey free of hurdles and you keep on driving your car very confidently as you know that you are driving a fully serviced car.

So make your rule that you have to go for a short service of your car when you returned from your long journey and between the months when you feel something unusual in your car.

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