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Be Alert When Buying an Old Car In Indonesia

Buying a new car in Indonesia

A high price tag definitely stops you to buy a new car in Indonesia but it is not true is all the cases. Some buyers always opt for used vehicles as the new vehicle has quick depreciation. But to buy the used car, the buyer should be smart enough as sellers hide the hidden damages […]

Your Car And Your Personality

Your Car your personality

Definitely, your four wheels are the indication of your thinking, behaviour and your personality. When we move on roads, then we can see thousands of vehicles running all around but some vehicles have a long-lasting impact. If you see an AUDI than you may think that the owner may be CEO or may at some […]

Keep Your Car Interiors Clean

clean your car

If you really believe in maintaining your car for a long time than it is mandatory to keep your car upholstery neat and clean. It gives you a feel of care that you are driving a clean car on Indonesian highways with no dust and stains. Clean Your Central Console Just take a car cleaning […]

Your New Car & Interior Accessories Available In Indonesia

Car Accessories in Indonesia

If you own a car then you should keep some important accessories in your car which helps you to maintain cleanliness and leave a long-lasting impression on the person who is sitting first time in your car. Three Pockets Net Yes, it will help you to handle your luggage systematically. It holds your luggage in […]

2020 Automotive Events In Indonesia

Automotive Events in Indonesia

For car enthusiasts, it is necessary that he/she will join Auto Expos. He can collect a lot of information regarding new launches, new innovations in the field of the Automobile Industry. It will be good to visit the expo before taking any decision of buying a new car. You can register in summits and conferences […]

How to Rent a Car in Indonesia?

Rent a car in indonesia

If you want to save your money while renting a car in Indonesia that following points will help you to save your car rental: To save your car rental, you should book your car several weeks ago before your trip. As rental offices raise their car rental if they find any scarcity of Cars. If […]

Traffic Rules in Indonesia

Traffic Rules In Indonesia

In recent years, roads network increased in Indonesia as a lot of investment is happening in road construction. Exotic vehicles along with cars and motorcycles can be seen on Indonesia roads. But for a perfect journey, it becomes necessary to know the traffic rules of that country where you are going. It helps to safeguard […]

Suzuki Launches XL7 In Indonesia

Suzuki XL7

It’s the time of joy for car enthusiasts as Suzuki launched XL7 with a classy look and impressive interiors have been launched in Indonesia. With Body-Colored Bumpers and Tinted Glass, Suzuki XL7 is equipped with various comfort and convenience which consists of Remote Fuel Filler, Rear Defogger, Rain sensing wipers and much more to explore. […]

Overcome Your Car Driving Phobia on Indonesian Roads

driving Fobia

An unusual uncertainty surrounds most of the learners that car driving is not an easy task and they cannot be perfect in driving skills. But, they should understand that without any positive initiation nobody can be perfect in car driving. One has to make his/her mind that he/she has to learn it perfectly under the […]

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