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Ways To Avoid Road Accidents On Highways of Indonesia

avoid car accidents in Indonesia

Accident! The term creates a feeling of phobia among all of us especially if it is related to any automobile either of car or motorbike. But, for these severe accidents, various things strike in our mind. We always try to avoid any fatality but it happens. There are the number of reasons which can be […]

How To Know About The Latest Cars In Indonesia?

Latest Cars in Indonesia

For a car buyer of Indonesia, it is a good practice to keep oneself updated with respect to the latest launch in Indonesia. It helps you to initiate a new car buying. Secondly, you get familiar with the number of car variants and their technical terms that are used to elaborate the engine type and […]

What Will Suit Your Family? Front-Wheel Drive or Rear-Wheel Drive

Family cars in Indonesia

Before getting confused in Front-Wheel Drive or Rear- Wheel Drive, clear your doubts then initiate for car buying in Indonesia. It is your responsibility to keep your family safe during your travel with your family and near ones. There is a number of new car buyers in Indonesia who can easily be confused by the […]

Follow Your Sense While Buying a New Car

Buy a car in Indonesia- Autoini

For a confident car buyer it is necessary to use ones common sense while in the showroom or analyzing the vehicle on any automobile portal. Just do proper analysis of the car that you will buy in the future. In Indonesia there are various online automobiles portals where you can collect the information of latest […]

Hatchback Or Compact SUV: What Should You Pick For Indonesian Highways?

Hatchback relates to a body-style option that remains more convenient for loading your bulky cargo if you have your family.  On the other end, Compact SUV has good space flexibility, ground clearance, and is more safer. There is some points which will clear your thought that what to buy for Indonesian highways? Better View of […]

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