How To Avoid Car Theft?

It is definite that if you own a car then you will park it either in your garage or in the parking if going outside for a drive in Indonesia. But, time is very uncertain so it is necessary to keep your car fitted with types of security locks which will help you to keep your car safe from car theft.

how to avoid car theft in Indonesia

Invest In Steering Wheel Lock

Some thieves have expertise in car theft so they always think about the easiest way to theft the particular car. First, he tries to break your window mirrors by a hammer then reach your car steering. If you do not install the steering lock then your car is the easy target for the thief.

So, when you buy your new car then keep in mind to install the steering wheel lock as it is not provided in all car variants. You may install these locks from any car care shop in Indonesia and are available in types of categories like a heavy-duty anti-theft lock, security steering lock.

Install Gear Shift Lock

Nowadays, you can install a Gear shift lock in your car as it is made up of hardened steel which is tough to break. It also provides extra security to your car if by chance thief enters your car by breaking the window mirror then how will he break that toughened gear shift lock? Definitely, he never breaks that lock. Finally, he will leave your car.

These locks are easily available in any car care shop in Jakarta and you may install it in your car. They are of various types like a top opening gear shift, side opening gear shift, and most important is an invisible gear shift lock. It depends on your car need what kind of lock will be installed in your car.

Install Blaring Car Alarm

Install a sensitive car alarm that can alert you in any type of wrong activity in your car. You can bring your car to any reputed car care unit in Indonesia where they will install a loud blaring car alarm in your car.

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