Hatchback Or Compact SUV: What Should You Pick For Indonesian Highways?

Hatchback relates to a body-style option that remains more convenient for loading your bulky cargo if you have your family.  On the other end, Compact SUV has good space flexibility, ground clearance, and is more safer.

There is some points which will clear your thought that what to buy for Indonesian highways?

Better View of The Road

Compact SUV provides you the best option to sit at a higher level so you can enjoy the best road view. The hatchback somehow has smaller heights than there may be little difference in road view. But, it is not such an important factor that can differentiate more between a Compact SUV and a Hatchback.

Simply, if you believe in doing long trips with your dear ones than Hatchback is a good option and if you travel on rough roads and want to avoid errant speed breakers than Compact SUV is the best option.  Compact SUV also is known for its status symbol so some buyers have keen interest to buy it which is the sign of their status.

Looks Craggy

Due to its long dimensions, Compact SUV sometimes gives a rugged look which may feel you something unusual. So, it depends on your aesthetics that will suit you. Hatchback may be the option to keep your choice something pleasurable in terms of looks when you drive a Hatchback with equivalent features of Compact SUV.


Compact SUV has more maintenance costs as compared to  Hatchback as it is equipped with some more performing engine technology which is costlier.  On the other end, Compact SUV are less fuel-efficient due to its big engine displacement. It is equipped with costly exteriors in terms of tires, indicators, rims, bumper, bonnet, and high paint cost.

So, if you are planning a car which suits your pocket, than Hatchback may be the best option as it requires less maintenance cost which will help you to save your money. On the other end, Compact SUV has high Insurance Premium due to its high cost.


Definitely, Compact SUV is safer than Hatchback as they are manufactured for rough terrain and are equipped with more safety features. But, never be in the dilemma that Hatchbacks are not safe. They are also safe as they have advanced specifications for the safety of passengers. So, you can compare safety features online and make a decision that defined safety features are according to your expectations or you need some more safety.

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