Do You Know About The Technical Car Specifications?

technical car specifications

If you need expertise in buying the best car for you then you should be aware of the technical car specifications. In Indonesia, there are numbers of latest car buyers and some wait for upcoming cars but they rarely know the technical car specifications. They just go through the exteriors and interiors of the car. If it suits them then they buy that latest car in Indonesia.

Know About Transmission

Can you imagine a single gear which is responsible to drive your car? Yes, it is true. But, our aim is to know about the transmission and its role in your car. In Indonesia, you can buy these variants from the metro cities of Indonesia.

It is the term that is used to distribute the required engine power and torque which helps to drive your car wheels either at the front or at the rear. You have been asked many times which type of transmission is in your car?

Sometimes you have no answer as you are not aware of the transmission mechanism. Or, it may be possible that you feel confused if you really do not know about the transmission. But, you do not worry about as we will elaborate on the real meaning of car transmission.

There are three types of transmissions:

Manual Transmission- Here, you have to change the car gears manually. It requires expertise in driving skills as you have to coordinate with the gear shift and the clutch. When you own a car with automatic transmission then sometimes you feel tired when stuck in the traffic as you have to change the car gears within a short period of time.

But, if we talk about the adventure trip then manual transmission suits here as your car needs the power according to the road conditions. Here, you require a good experience to drive in any type of road condition as you know better that which gear is needed in a particular situation?

Automatic Transmission- Here, you remain free from clutch and gear. Only, you just have to focus on your steering and breaks.  It eases your long journey in Indonesia as you only have to maintain the stability of your car. The automatic transmission is an easier option for women in Indonesia as it keeps them free from any hectic process of changing the gear from time to time.

Continuous Variable Transmission – Some say its a CVT transmission as it is the short form of it. In this type of transmission, you just see single gear in your car which automatically coordinates with the road conditions and alignments. It works in such a way that you need not speed up your car. Its single gear shift manages your car speed according to the conditions if you stuck in the traffic than it will decrease your car speed and vice versa. In Indonesia, there are numbers of car buyers who own CVT transmission cars.

Dimensions of Your Car

It varies from buyer to buyer as some only measure the length, width, and height. Some measure the cargo space. But, dimensions relate to the number of measures. When we talk about the car dimension then we need to know its exact length, width, and height along with its wheelbase and ground clearance.

The wheelbase is the distance between the front and rear wheels. Ground clearance relates to the distance between vehicle underbody and the road surface. If you drive a car in Indonesia with large ground clearance then you are too above the road level as these cars are big in size.

And, the last is cargo space which is measured by folding the rear seats. It helps you to manage your luggage according to the cargo size.

Engine Displacement

The combined volume of the cylinders for a particular engine comes under Engine Displacement. It means your car may have four cylinders of 200 cc each. It means your engine displacement will be 800cc if we combine all four cylinders. This calculation will help you to know the reality behind your engine displacement.

If you buy a car with more engine displacement then you have to pay more to buy a car in Indonesia. Before taking any initiation, calculate the estimation according to fuel consumption of respective engine displacement.

The Capacity of Your Car

We can divide the capacity into two parts-

Seating Capacity-

It relates to the cabin space that how many passengers can sit comfortably in the car? If it is seven-seater then it may belong to SUV or hatchback range and has a seating capacity of seven passengers. These types of cars suit big families of Indonesia as they can travel in a combination of seven-person. The latest cars provide you the best seating facility which suits your expectations.

Fuel Capacity-

It is the space in the fuel tank of the car that how much it can hold the fuel? Some cars have more than sixty liters of fuel tank capacity but come under exotic brands. The more fuel tank capacity means that you have to fuel your car after covering long-distance which keeps you away from instant filling. In Indonesia, while you go for distant trips and tours then the car with more fuel tank capacity suits you.

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