5 Ways To Teach Your Child To Drive In Indonesia

Teenage is that time period where everyone wants to explore and learn new things. Secondly, at this age grasping power remains on peek and you easily learn the things which are new for you.

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As an Indonesian parents, it is necessary to know that how can you teach your child to drive perfectly? In Indonesia, there are many driving centers to learn the driving skills but if you take responsibility then it will be more fruitful for your child.

Start From Small Age

From the age of three to five years, you can start initiation by giving then the demonstration of your car. It includes to share the basic terms related to your car like

What is the steering?

How it works?

What are gears?

How the gears perform?

Where are the brakes, accelerator and clutch?

When to apply them?

What are seat belts? What is the use of them while driving?

It means you are just giving him a description of the parts which come in use while driving. It will help him to know the parameters that are required to drive. We are not saying that you should handover your car steering to him in this age. You just keep on updating his knowledge and answer his question politely if he asks anything out of the topic.

When you do this practice with your child then he becomes familiar with the arrangements that are required for his initiation in-car driving when he will hold your car steering in upcoming time.

Permit Him To Hold The Steering

When your child comes at the age of eight or ten then you can start to hold your car steering in his hand. It is a very crucial time as your child is on the driving seat. Just try to coordinate with your child and your car. Start with the gear shift and tell him which gear is required while you start to accelerate the car and when it has to be changed and many such important things that will help your Child in perfect driving.

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For this, you have to focus on the correct coordination of your child with gear shift and paddles. Just keep this practice for two to three months so that your child becomes habitual of shifting gears from one to another along with paddle combination. It will help him to coordinate with clutch, brakes and accelerator.

Give Him Opportunity To Drive With His Sense

After two-three months of practice now you should give him the opportunity that without asking you he can manage to run your car to one to two kilometers on a blank load.  If he does not ask any question within this time period then it is a good sign of your child’s success.

Now, you can add some important driving skills along with traffic rules. It will help your child to know about the traffic signs and the traffic rules of Indonesia. It will help him in the future when he will be eligible for a driving license to drive in Indonesia.

Test His Learning At Different Road Conditions

When your child becomes smart enough to drive on a blank road then it is the best time that you would try his skills on different road conditioned. For this, you can register at any driving space where you get all types of road conditions to drive. It will be good for your child and he will learn the driving skills patiently there. Avoid taking your child in crowded areas as you know that it is his first initiation on rough roads.

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You also can try different weather conditions. It will make your child more perfect as he will know that how to drive in foggy season or in the rainy season.  What precautions he has to take while driving in a number of seasons.

Make Him Expert Of Turning The Car

It is most important stage of your child where he learns that how to turn his car on sharp turns and how to park the car in a parking which require experience of turning the vehicle with the help of steering. It will enhance his confidence to drive the car in any circumstances.

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