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What To Keep In Your Car In An Emergency Situation?

car emergency in Indonesia

While traveling on Indonesian highways you may also face any unusual emergency while driving. Just buying a car and keeping it maintained will never let you know about the emergency situation while on the way. It may be possible that you may be stuck in some lonely highway when your car tires get puncher or […]

5 Ways To Become An Expert in Car Driving

how to drive your car

Most people want to become an expert in the car driving from their teenage and start preparing to learn with their parents or relatives. In Indonesia, many citizens want to learn the driving but the question is How can they be the expert in-car driving?  In cities of Indonesia, you may find several driving centers […]

Take Your Own Decision While Buying A Car As An Indonesian Woman

Women Car Buyer In Indonesia

As an Indonesian woman, never be confused about buying a car for your own need. You just need a way to finalize your decision of car buying without any dilemma. Here, are some tips that will help you to buy your car from the metro cities of Indonesia. Be Confident While Going To Select Your […]

Are You Buying An Old Car? Just Test Drive It.

Test drive in Indonesia

Sometimes an old car may impress you as there are numbers of car lovers in Indonesia who maintain their car till their last moment of sale. Some car users believe in installing impressive interiors to make their cars unique. Some manage the classy look of their car by adding broad tires and rims and keep […]

What Will Suit Your Family? Front-Wheel Drive or Rear-Wheel Drive

Family cars in Indonesia

Before getting confused in Front-Wheel Drive or Rear- Wheel Drive, clear your doubts then initiate for car buying in Indonesia. It is your responsibility to keep your family safe during your travel with your family and near ones. There is a number of new car buyers in Indonesia who can easily be confused by the […]

How To Analyze The Disturbance In The Cylinder Head Of Your Motorcycle?

Motorcycle in Indonesia

Before analyzing the problem in your motorcycle cylinder head, it will be good to know about the Cylinder Head of your motorcycle and its function. What is Cylinder Head? Cylinder heads are installed to seal the top of engine cylinders and located on top of the engine block. It is the place where the combustion […]

How To Drive Safely While You Stuck In The Traffic?

Car Traffic in Indonesia

It is a daily routine of a car lover of Indonesia that he used to stuck in the heavy traffic of Indonesia and finds new ways to come out from this condition. But some important points will help you to regulate your senses while you stuck in heavy traffic. As a car enthusiast of Indonesia, […]

Why Do You feel More Safer With Women Drivers?

Women cars in Indonesia

It is true that women remain alert in every moment either in their own life or in case if they drive their car. When she drives her car in Indonesia then you have not to worry about any fatality that might happen on the road. They are the firm believer in following road safety guidelines […]

Will It Be Good To Buy A New Car?

Buy Car In Indonesia

You Feel More Trustworthy You always need a trust factor while buying a car in Indonesia. After your home, the car is your second priority for your family. Buying a used car will not be a good symbol of reliability in Indonesia. If you are expanding a good amount of money to buy a car in […]

How To Find A Trustworthy Car Service Center In Indonesia?

Car Services In Indonesia Autoini

As an Indonesian car owner, you know little about the engine mechanism and functions. You obviously visit your service center when you find some distractions in your car. When you visit your service center then you find a number of car mechanics who continue working to repair the cars in Indonesia. They are so expert […]

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