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Car Seats For Your Baby in Indonesia

baby car seat Indonesia

Are you planning for a trip with your baby in Indonesia? If, Yes then you should install the baby car seat in your car. You can buy them from Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya and other cities in Indonesia. Your toddler safety is your responsibility while you are going for a drive either of the short drive […]

Innovations and Indonesian Automobiles

Innovations are the medium to ease our life from day to day. Automobile Innovations are the example of generative ideas and new creations which are helpful for the car buyers of Indonesia. New innovative technologies are being applied in the Indonesian Automobiles Industry to ease the journey. Predictive Automobile Technology As the name suggests, it is the […]

Top 5 Hatchbacks for Hilly and City Drives In Indonesia


Hatchbacks are known for family trips. They are designed with sophistication to ensure your safety and comfort. When you make a plan for hilly trips with your dear ones, you always think of safety along with your car performance. Secondly, when it comes to Hatchbacks than the primary need of buyers is car capacity and […]

Electric Cars in Indonesia: Adoption and Challenges

Due to changing atmospheric conditions and increasing demand for EVs (Electric Vehicles), Indonesia is going towards adopting Electric Cars. On the other hand, Indonesia is growing in every aspect of economic growth. It has a direct impact on natural resources which are used in most of the transportation sectors. When there is more consumption of […]

Peugeot Launches Peugeot 3008 2020 in Indonesia

Peugeot 3008 1.6 L

With its Stability Control Software and advanced grip technology, Peugeot launches its Peugeot 3008 in Indonesia. For your utmost safety, it is fitted with brake assistance and crash sensors that act in an emergency when needed. For its classy look, it has impressive exteriors like a rear spoiler, rear window wiper, sunroof, outside rearview mirror […]

Driving Habits That May Damage Your Car In Indonesia

Safe Driving Skills In Indonesia

Your car performance depends on driving habits in Indonesia. It is recommended that you should follow the right driving skills to avoid any damage to your car. We have seen some experts that they know how to drive a car but rarely pay attention to their habits which are damaging their car performance. As they […]

Top 10 Automatic Exotic Cars For Women In Indonesia

Woman car in Indonesia

An exotic car is the status symbol of any buyer either Man or Woman. These high- end luxury cars are known to be the dream cars of every buyer in Indonesia. The Automobile World is changing drastically which results in the exotic preferences of the car enthusiasts. Everyone is earning one’s luxury and buying exotic […]

Top 6 Cruiser Bikes for Youngsters in Indonesia

To enjoy nightlife and to calm their attitude the Youngsters are more prone to high-speed bikes in Indonesia. Some have stunt quality so they are also the target of bike manufacturers which are big players in the field of Cruiser Bikes. It has been seen that some youngsters have the feeling of showcasing their family […]

Toyota Launches Toyota Prius PHEV in Indonesia

Toyota Prius PHEV Launches In Indonesia

With E-CVT transmission technology, Toyota launches Toyota Prius PHEV for Indonesian car lovers who believe in new automotive technology with generates pure efficiency. E-CVT transmission is the example of plug-in hybrid technology in which by analyzing your car speed, road conditions it selects the optimal gear ratio for the precise moment. It comprises MacPherson Strut […]

Paint Protection Film Or Ceramic Coating: Which Is Best For Your Car?

When you buy your new car from an Indonesian showroom than it looks classy and impressive by its spa of paint. As time passes, the color of your car fades due to natural wear and tear. It is recommended that you opt for Paint Protection Film or Ceramic Coating. But, it becomes typical to decide […]

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