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Overcome Your Car Driving Phobia on Indonesian Roads

driving Fobia

An unusual uncertainty surrounds most of the learners that car driving is not an easy task and they cannot be perfect in driving skills. But, they should understand that without any positive initiation nobody can be perfect in car driving. One has to make his/her mind that he/she has to learn it perfectly under the […]

The necessity of Tyre Care For A Travel Trip in Indonesia

Tyre Care Of Your Car

Periodic inspection of tyres is the best way to achieve the satisfactory performance during your journey in Indonesia. The following things you have to keep in mind Keep Your Tyres Inflated For best fuel economy and safety, you have to keep your tyres inflated at the recommended level which is given on your car manual. […]

Keep Your Car Away From Corona Virus In Indonesia

Corona Virus and Your Car

In this time of the Corona Virus pandemic, it becomes necessary to clean your car very carefully so that you could save you and your family from this deadly virus. Just keep cleaning the surfaces and the most contacted areas of your car. Let’s follow the safety 1. Car Window Especially the Edges Clean your […]

Break-In Period and Your New Car on Indonesian Roads

Heavy load

Your dream car has been entered in your Garage and you are ready to go for a long drive in Indonesia. As your car is new and every car has a Break-In period so you have to keep some precautions during this time. Break-In period is that time period where piston rings adjust themselves in […]

How To Become An Expert Car Buyer In Indonesia?

car expert

In this era of mechanical transformation, there has been seen a lot of changes in the mindset of car buyers in Indonesia. Some increase their horizons according to time and some are lazy to know about the mechanical inventions that are taking place in the automobile industry. Those who do not update themselves are easy […]

Items to Carry when Going on a Long Drive in Indonesia

Car Items To Carry While On Long Drive

If going on a long drive has always been on your bucket list. This dream is about to come true, you must be well-prepared and ready to enjoy this exhilarating experience with your car in Indonesia. You can ensure a smooth and hassle-free trip by carrying certain essential items. Here are a few important items […]

Top 3 Tips to Remove Chewing Gum From The Mat in a Car

Car Interior

While driving a classy car in Indonesia and enjoying its amazing interiors, powerful engine, and smooth drive which is all fun, it is equally important to ensure its clean interiors. Regular upkeep and maintenance of the car help you enjoy it for a longer time. Discovering chewing gum on the mat can put a dampener […]

How to keep your car tuned in Indonesia?

Oil Check In The Car

You don’t need to have in-depth knowledge or expertise to perform a basic tune-up on your car. Having a little bit idea of performing basic maintenance can help you save a lot of hassle and money ensuring your car continues serving you in top working condition in Indonesia. Here are a few steps that can […]

How to Embark On A Car Conversion From Gas-Powered Into An Electric Car ?

Electronic Car conversion

Are you planning to convert your gas-powered car into an electric car in Indonesia? If yes, you need to have some basic idea about how to keep a car maintained and materials to be used. The entire project may take not more than a few weeks. Here are a few steps that can help you […]

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